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From Farm to Pouch: Uplift & Unwind with NAVA Pouch

By Stephen “Slyide” Wood Staff Writer & Lead Marketing Director for UBOENT Slyide Entertainment (Production/Marketing)

On the first business day of 2021, we had the pleasure of speaking with Founder, Michael Mercer of NAVA Pouch. His product is a natural, dry herb vaporizing experience and ‘closer to the plant’ according to the official website; to explain in detail, unlike vape-pens this pouch has no unnatural chemicals produced through using.

According to the website, Mercer, who founded the business in Kirkland, Washington decided to create this convenient product to help ease stress, pain, anxiety and issues with falling asleep; something we all need. Along with reduced toxins, each pouch offers a measured dose, no waste involved (since you can reuse the Vaporizer) and the product is eco-friendly since it is 100% naturally compostable and easy to use! “I absolutely loved the pure natural herb but I was not a fan of smoking,” according to Mercer who started NAVA Pouch in 2020, “Although oil pens were more discrete and convenient, I disliked the idea of putting anything chemically processed or unnatural into my body.”

Nava is a new product that is taking the CBD world by storm and unlike burn vapes that produce excess chemicals, this product is all natural and is a dry herb vaporizing experience. The patented vaporizer is called, FyHit Dry-Herb Vaporizer which is brand new technology that helps to keep smoke and toxins at bay. Plus very simple to set up and use the vapes and pouches.

This product may remind you of tobacco pouches but this product is not chewable. Easy to use, simply remove the magnetized lid from the vape, fold your pouch vertically place it and the tray and then add the magnetized lid back on top. Afterwards, to set the temperature, you press the power button for five-times and it turns it on. Easily set the temperature to vape by pressing the button again so it can set that specific temperature. Afterwards, wait about 10 seconds for it to fully heat through the pouch and then just enjoy.

There are two pouches that NAVA offers; the first is called Unwind and the other is called Uplift. The Unwind is a product I find to help me fall asleep at night. I suffer from PTSD and it helped me to relax enough to be able to fall asleep quickly and get a full night’s sleep. This product is made out of pure, all-natural Indica hemp strains and a delightful balance of CBD, CBG hemp flower and relaxing terpenes.

Terpenes are natural compounds in the flower or bud of the cannabis plant. CBD oil that is full or broad-spectrum offers terpenes which helps the body to absorb cannabinoids of all kinds and are to blame for the “cannabis” smell in CBD products.

Sean Speezy – January 21, 2021 “I actually used the unwind pouch last night and it helped me SO much! I have such a hard time sleeping, my brain literally never turns off. The idea of getting some kind of sleep-aid pill or something like that just isn’tmy style, so you have no idea how much I appreciate this! Thank you again and again! Sean Speezy Find this review at:

The Uplift pouches did the opposite; it helped me to get the morning going with a bit of “Wake and Uplift!” Uplift uses a blend of Sativa hemp strains along with a sense of balance between CBD, CBG and cannabinoid terpenes.

To get started, pick up the starter kit for $140 which includes a pouch from each the Unwind and the Uplift and your choice of a FyHit Dry-Herb Vaporizer. To keep regular with NAVA Pouches, continue to purchase them, each for $29 for either a box of uplift or a box of unwind pouches in a 3.5 gram package amount (equal to 1/8-street value).

Keith Olive – February 22, 2021 “I use the Uplift during the day and it gives my mind the artistic creative release I love to feel but without the high!” Find This Review at:

If you are interested in checking out this product use code ‘Slyide15’ at checkout for 15% off your entire purchase. The NAVA vaping experience was the best I have had thus far. Check it out at the website below and get vaping NAVA Pouches.

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