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New Artist to Watch: Maia Zakay Brings A Sweet Vibe on #SpeakUp Album

By Aaris A. Schroeder Editor-In-Chief London-born and Los Angeles-living, singer-songwriter Maia Zakay’s music rings true with her melodic pop sounds in her new album, #Speakup which bounce emotion off every surface and into the hearts of her fans, proving that she is a new artist worth listening to in 2021. Drawn from artists like Arianna Grande with her R&B and sweet pop vibe, Kehlani whose music has a more Hip Hop edge mixed in and even the indie singer-songwriter Americana vibe of Lana Del Rey are present in Maia Zakay’s music, proving that her sound can take it to the next level. Looking like a true beach girl, this blonde bombshell brings a more acoustic almost mermaid-like ambiance to her music with tracks like “Difficult” and “Winter Things” and is able to bring the same lovely energy into studio-produced beats and drum machines like on, “Rest In Power” and “Never Know” that features singer and rapper J Drip.

Image of Maia Zakay Provided By GoodGirl Media

Maia Zakay got her start singing at the young age of three and performing music when she was only 14-years-old; getting her start two years later in the music industry when she was 16-years-old (2018). Maia Zakay began recording music in response to a dark time in her life, she found comfort in the writing and recording process which led her to produce her first album in 2020 entitled, #SpeakUp,” produced by Stephan Oberhoff who has worked with artists like Barbara Streisand, Quincy Jones and more. “Let Me Love You” and “Train Wreck” are emotional songs that of course, are self-written by herself, just as the rest of Maia Zakay’s album showcases. “Trainwreck” is soaked up with feelings of being lost and trying to find the right direction in your life. “Let Me Love You” is going to sound familiar as it is a chart-hitting song by R&B artist Mario. Maia Zakay sound so clean on this, her soft voice blending with the sweet melody so well that the two should re-release it as a collaboration effort. Maia Zakay’s album, #Speakup is definitely going in my personal music catalog and hopefully yours too!

Performance Video of Maia Zakay singing “Train Wreck”

The girl is fire! At the young age of 20, she has already moved up the ladder of success by working with 2 multi-platinum Grammy award-winning producers Ryan Bowser AKA Ghost who has worked with Nelly, Patty Labelle with chart topping songs and Nick Loftin AKA Nick Fury who helped co-write “Custom Made (Give it to You)” by Lil Kim and was a major player in putting together The Fast & The Furious music soundtrack, collaborated with Murder, Inc. Young Maia Zakay has collaborated with Todd Sams who is an industry go-to working with artists like Beyonce, Rihanna, Frankie J, Mario and Toni Braxton for anything from music videos to live performances, choreography (with Usher!) and licensing work in commercials for artists. Because of this huge connect, this has led Maia Zakay into writing hooks for popular artists like Beyonce, Gnash, Migos, Cardi B and even Drake whose producer Noah Shebib AKA 40 agrees that “Maia is dope!” So if you haven’t started listening to her music already, finish this article and click the links below. Maia Zakay is available to listen to and purchase at online distributers like Spotify, Soundcloud and others.

Maia Zakay performs Mario’s, “Let Me Love You” in this performance video. Her voice comes through crisp and clean.

Image of Maia Zakay Provided By GoodGirl Media

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