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Professional Pianist And Singer-Songwriter Airomee Wind Focuses on ‘Santa Maria’ Music & Perform

By Aaris A. Schroeder Editor-In-Chief

Nevada-based singer-songwriter Airomee Wind focuses on booking shows in 2021 with new music on his horizon upon completing two albums in 2020, “Santa Maria” and “Airomee Wind Christmas.”

Performance Image of Airomee Wind Preparing to Perform. Image Provided By Airomee Wind.

Releasing his December 2020 Self-Produced Album, “Airomee Wind Christmas,” which came just in time, offering holiday cheer and joy for music lovers all over the world and in this nation, The United States of America. Following his release of “Santa Maria” October 2020, Airomee Wind was encouraged to produce a holiday album. The album is unique in a way that part of Airomee Wind’s production style maintained through professional keyboard and drum machines, keeping the album funky, bright and reminiscent of a traditional Christmas album with a modern touch.

“Airomee Wind Christmas” Released December 2020.

This modern touch is what Airomee Wind has always lent to his music production style. This Salt Lake City, UT native; born-and-raised, learned how to play piano and sing at a young age, starting with a performance at just five-years-old in Airomee Wind’s family church. Systematically, a young Airomee Wind became a member of the Glee Club as a high school student where he garnered his skills in music. He also attended Day Murray Music, a professional music educational hub located in Salt Lake City, UT. Since then, he has had much success in his musical career including a performance at the infamous world-renowned Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, UT, which is where he gets much of his keyboard production influences from on “Airomee Wind Christmas.” He also had the chance to perform at Abravenel Hall, the home of the world-famous Utah Symphony. His album, “Santa Maria” showcases Airomee Wind at his best with songs like, “Flutahontas,” a soft, melodic instrumental piece that seemingly tells a sweet story. Another track that brings disco to the front is, “Just A Memory” which is followed up with “Mexico,” keeping the same upbeat disco feel with Spanish Guitar to create a special feel, tells a memorable story of visiting Mexico. “Makes No Sense” is the release of feelings Airomee Wind has had about people hating each other so much they can “end the human race.” The song has an ‘80s pop feel to it, slowed down into a ballad. Airomee Wind has a knack to produce an album full of music that is influenced by different contemporary-pop genres such as disco, light-rock and dance however the overall feel is a romantic pop feel that can be sensed through his keyboard abilities. Much of Airomee’s earlier career was spent opening the doors to his CIMPLEX Studios in Downtown Salt Lake City where things are bustling and he even managed to have his own radio show stationed out of. Although he closed his doors not so long ago, Airomee Wind keeps the spirit of the studio alive through his own music production and live concerts. Airomee Wind is currently looking to receive music placement and licensing for his music as well as featured interviews and music reviews with the media in hopes to get the word out about his new album just in time for Christmas.

Airomee Wind, “Santa Maria” Album, Released October 2020

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