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‘Woman Of The Year’ Proves To Anthem The Words Of Strength For Women

By Jhantu Randall Staff Writer

Anji D who is a part of the Washington state’s Hard Grown Records (HGR) family known for her tough, gritty lyricism while hailing from Renton, WA is here to drop her fresh track, “Woman Of The Year;” ready to impress

Image of Anji D Provided By Hard Grown Records, March 2021.

others during the month of March, credited for being “National Woman’s Month,” proclaimed and authorized by the president during 1988-1994. It is now 2021 and while most things have grinded to a halt, some acts have stayed on their grind and found ways to produce content despite the Covid-19 lockdowns. With an artist and emcee like Anji D her music is her therapy and Woman of the Yearis the first presentation of that. On her last single, No Time,” released in 2019, she showcased her emotions in her music which yielded a frustrated yet positive side of her experiences. “Woman Of The Year” brings listeners closer, highlighting intimacy that can cause the listener to reevaluate themselves. It may be a bit unorthodox furthermore releasing a rap-ballad as your second single shows a lot of risk. This track allows insight into the woman behind the artist as showing balance within her music game.

Anji D, “Woman Of The Year,” Produced by Hard Grown Records, 2021. Video Courtesy of Facebook Watch.

Last year artists like Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion were the women at the top of the pop charts and Anji D is the alternative; coined the anti-‘WAP’. Anji D is not new to music, she helped to anchor the single, “Cookies” May 2020 through (HGR). The exciting part about this release beyond the content of the song itself is that it is built around a solid collective like HGR; filled to the brim with talented emcees like Moufpeace and Him. “Woman of the Year” holds a kinship with songs that you would hear from emcees like Queen Latifah or Suga-T in terms of positivity and elevation for all. Listening to the music to hear Anji D’s journey towards her goals and ambition. She holds a compelling story that allows fans to sit in waiting for the rest of her album to drop. Immediately, “Woman Of The Year” hits hard immediately within the first 30-seconds, followed by a bass drop that your ears are anticipating. The movement of lyricism within Anji D’s song is not only deep and personal but sonically pleasing as well. It is projects like this that prove that the state of Washington is a goldmine of talent.

Image of Anji D Provided By Hard Grown Records, March 2021.

The only issue being is a garnering of support from locals who support Hip Hop. However, to a listener who admires the days of backpacking, this state holds a place where true Hip Hop heads can get lost in concepts, lyricism as well as true grit and grind within songwriting. At times, people who are not receptive to harsher lyricism may not see that Anji D’s grit as a positive force that is an uplifting effort towards helping others to form their own happiness and success in Washington. This eventually can squelch many artists dreams of getting big while having a hard time maintaining local status. It is true that there are artists out there that throw gimmicks into their music which becomes oversaturated in the industry however Angi D seems to resonate within a positive force. Here’s to toasting “Woman of the Year” as a beautiful well-paced track in an industry that highlights sprints. When the clouds of confusion lift and the dust is settled, Anji D will stand as proof that the marathon never ends, it only continues.

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