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‘XcyteCable’ For Australian Ear Buds

By Stephen “Slyide” Wood Staff Writer & Lead Marketer For UBOENT Slyide Entertainment (Production/Marketing) A set of Xcytecable Rainbow Earbuds were sent to one of our reviewers at UBO MAG and to his surprise, this Australian earphone and music cable company; founded in the last decade definitely impressed our writer.

According to our reviewer, these earbuds are extremely well packaged, I opened the packing slip to find a round pink zipper case. Once opened, I noticed that the ‘pearl-escent’ earbuds were carefully wrapped and came with a replacement

These are XCyteCable’s Pearl Pink Earbuds Available On Their Website for $50. Image Provided By XcyteCables.

packet of earbud covers. Upon untying the tangle-proof wrapping I noticed that the metallic earbuds appeared to be quite sturdy and the cords are quite reinforced so earbud users get “deep bass, crystal clear highs and unprecedented mid ranges,” according to their website. The small, fashionable, easy-to-transport in a backpack or purse earbuds also come in a blue case with blue cords which amp out surround sound and red case with gray cords showcasing an authentic stereo sound like the pink pack. I was stoked, it was time to test the Xcytecable’s earbuds which sell for $50 on their website (The blue ones offering surround-sound run $90). The low interference in a part of the XcyteCable’s branding and proves to be no joke. There is no humming of any kind when listening to music on these little pearls. The bass projects a very pleasant boom that is embracing to the ears and does not cause any static, very relaxing. The clarity and volume of these buds are superb and much better than your typical Skull Candy types that people buy. If you are looking for the next big thing in earbuds, these are all around the best earbuds I have ever owned and I can say this as a music producer where I deal with equalization of sound all the time. Even artists we have interviewed previously like Angel Sessions uses XcyteCables. Because this is a paid promotional review, it wouldn’t be fair to not give something away so XcyteCable is giving away the chance to go on a cruise if you buy XcyteCables. Just use “SLYIDE” as your promo-code when purchasing a pair and you will automatically get entered. The cruise is for two guests and 14 nights, each separate purchase puts you in the contest. Whether you are a producer, DJ, artist or avid music listener, you have to get yourself a pair of Xcyte Headphones or Earbuds. Check out their entire line of cables which includes AUX speaker, XLR microphone, USB (for cell phones and other USB products) and, of course, earphone cables.

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